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Library holdings by title
Here's a list of our library holdings, alphabetically by title:

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The Agility Dog International
by Peter Lewis

Agility Games
by Stuart Mah and Bud Houston
Explains rules and scoring systems for a wide variety of agility games.

Body Posture and Emotions: Shifting Shapes, Shifting Minds (booklet)
by Suzanne Clothier
Deals with dog body language and emotions, and their effects on learning.

Building Blocks for Performance
by Bobbie Anderson with Tracy Libby
Bobbie Anderson unveils 10 essential building blocks that will turn a puppy into a highly-motivated, enthusiastic, and confident performance dog.

Clothier Natural Jumping Method
by Suzanne Clothier
Details the jump chute method of teaching a dog to jump correctly and safely.

Enjoying Dog Agility: From Backyard to Competition
by Julie Daniels
A good introductory book on agility; provides step-by-step training instructions.

Finding a Balance: Issues of Power in the Dog/Human Relationship (booklet)
by Suzanne Clothier
How to determine if a proper balance in your human/dog relationship exists, and establish or restore a healthy balance, if needed.
Four Paws Five Directions
by Cheryl Schwartz
A guide to Chinese medicine for cats and dogs, including acupuncture/acupressure and diet.
Go the Distance: A Workbook for Training Your Dog to Work Away
by Bud Houston and Stacy Peardot
Provides progressive lesson plans to teach dogs and handlers to work comfortably at a distance.
In Focus: Developing a Working Relationship with Your Performance Dog
by Deborah Jones, Ph.D. and Judy Keller
Is your dog distracted? Unmotivated? Inconsistent? Out of Control? Then you need FOCUS—Fun, Obedience, and Consistency lead to Unbelievable Success. This book addresses these problems and helps you to become a better working team.
Intermediate Agility Workbook
by Clean Run Productions
An eight-week course for dogs and handlers who have completed a beginning agility course.
Introductory Agility Workbook
by Clean Run Productions
An eight-week course for dogs and handlers who do not have any agility experience.
Jumping from A to Z
by Chris Zink and Julie Daniels
How to teach a dog to jump, as well as correct the problem jumper.
Junior Handling Agility Training Manual, Level 1
by Ruth Van Keuren

Junior Handling Agility Training Manual,
Levels 2 and 3

by Ruth Van Keuren

Just for Fun Agility Notebooks (13 notebooks)
by Dogwood Training
Peak Performance: Coaching the Canine Athlete
by Chris Zink, DVM
How to condition your dog for any athletic endeavor, and how to deal with performance-related injuries.
Physical Therapy for the Canine Athlete (booklet)
by Suzanne Clothier and Sue Ann Lesser, DVM
Information on injury assessment and hands-on techniques to assist healing, including massage, ice/heat therapy, and hydrotherapy.
The Seven C's: A Guide to Training and Relationships (booklet)
by Suzanne Clothier
Explores the seven key points of the dog/human relationship: creativity, consistency, communication, congruency, condition, clarity, and confidence.
Shaping Success: The Education of an Unlikely Champion
by Susan Garrett
The life story of one wildly amusing Border Collie and the training journal of one of the world's most respected dog trainers. Susan Garrett vividly describes the challenges she faced raising and transforming a high-energy puppy into a national agility champion. This book provides step-by step training advice and a complete training plan for 2x2 weave poles.
Understanding & Teaching Self Control (booklet)
by Suzanne Clothier
Provides guidelines for teaching self control as the foundation for learning.
Understanding Puppy Testing (booklet)
by Suzanne Clothier
Offers detailed information on puppy testing, including purpose of tests, specific techniques, and evaluating results.
Advanced Agility Techniques
by Peter Lewis
Agility Foundation Training
by Greg Derrett
Top British handler Greg Derrett demonstrates essential basic training techniques to build a strong foundation for a successful agility career.
Agility Training for the Small Dog (with booklet)
by Eva Martin
Click & Treat Training Kit, Version 1.1 (with booklet)
by Gary Wilkes
Competitive Agility Training: Obstacles
by Jane Simmons-Moake
Demonstrates how to teach your dog to perform each obstacle safely and efficiently.
Competitive Agility Training: Advanced Skills
by Jane Simmons-Moake
Demonstrates how to isolate and train skills needed to compete successfully at advanced levels.
Competitive Agility Training: Sequence Training
by Jane Simmons-Moake
Demonstrates how to sequence smoothly from one obstacle to the next.
Great Dog, Shame About the Handler
by Greg Derrett
Greg Derrett explains his proven and successful methods and handling system; includes more than 50 training exercises.
Training the Agility Dog
by Peter Lewis
Your Athletic Dog: A Functional Approach
by Suzanne Clothier
A step-by-step approach to evaluating athletic ability, improve and maintain flexibility, balance, and strength, and reduce the risk of injury.
Agility in Motion, Volumes 1-6
A video magazine full of great training tips and training exercises based on actual courses; also showcases runs from various shows, including side-by-side comparisons and overlay analysis of teams.
Agility Fix-It DVD—Contacts and Weave Poles
by Julie Daniels
Step-by-step demonstration of operant training by one of the most successful trainers and competitors in agility.
Go the Distance DVD—Vol. 2
by Stacy Peardot-Goudy
This video by Stacy illustrates advanced exercises from the book Go the Distance, Vol. 1 that she co-wrote with Bud Houston.
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